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Teacher/Tutor Guidelines

How to become an English Teacher or Tutor on CallAdvisor?

It is very easy to become an English Teacher or English Tutor on English CallAdvisor:

1) Submit Qualifications

Send the following documents to us at english@calladvisor.center:

  • Résumé
  • Education certificates
  • Teaching certificates (option)
  • Youtube introduction video link

For example: Introduction video from Tutor Alpha

Watch this video on YouTube.


2) Call Interview

Attend a call interview with someone from our recruitment team and get an exclusive virtual tour of the teaching tool English CallAdvisor.

3) Install app and Set up teacher’s profile

+ Install app CallAdvisor and Set up the profile on English CallAdvisor and start getting Learning orders from students.

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How can Teachers/Tutors get students?

English CallAdvisor is a global learning English community. Students, who may come from everywhere, find you and believe in your English Teaching ability. A lot of potential leaners can come from our advertisement or English CallAdvisor networks. Besides, Teachers/Tutors themselves are able to advertise and  enroll students.

How can students pay for my teaching cost?

Learners’ credits (1 credit ~ 1 USD) will transfer to Teachers/Tutors account automatically every minute since the teaching call is established to the end.

How can I withdraw my money from CallAdvisor?

The salary is paid via Paypal, which is a famous international payment system. In some special cases, we also pay via Bank Account.

Often, when the credits in Teachers/Tutors account reach to 100USD, we will transfer the income of Teachers/Tutors to their Paypal account. But, teachers and tutors can also request to get their income anytime.

How can students enroll to learn with me?

Teaching and Learning on CallAdvisor are very convenient and comfortable with a mobile phone, which is installed CallAdvisor app. Students can learn with you by two ways:

1) When students know you are free and available, they call you to start learning immediately.

2) Students can book predicted/future some time slots. Teachers/Tutors will receive a notification of this order. Then, in Service Management Dashboard, you can consider Approve/Reject that booking.

How can I set up my teaching unit price?

Teachers/Tutors can set up teaching unit price by Service Registration Form:

Main menu -> My Account and select menu item “Register as a Service Provider” and fulfil all fields in this form. We will review and approve as soon as possible.

In this form, the teaching unit price is the USD amount per one hour (which is including transaction fee).

Transaction fee: CallAdvisor charges a 15% fee on transactions between teachers and students.

What curriculum is used to teach?

After a Teacher or Tutor profile is verified, we will arrange a free course to support him/her to grow accustomed to our Innovative Training Method.

We have some basic and efficient curriculums and guidelines for reference.

Of course, Teachers/Tutors are able to decide what they will teach; or to discuss and finalise with students before starting lesson sessions.