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Student Guidelines

How to Start to Learn English on CallAdvisor?

To start learning with us, it is so easy and simple, just by some touches. At first, obligatorily, CallAdvisor app is installed and signed up. The Android version (for Android version 5 and higher) is available , iOS version will be come soon.

How do online lessons work?

We use mobile app CallAdvisor to connect students and teachers online. You will practice your English skills with useful language tools such as message sending, picture share and much more.

How can I find a Teacher or a Tutor?

English CallAdvisor is a global learning English community. You easily find a teacher or a tutor from over the world in main screen of the app or search by name or phone.

How can I pay for my learning cost?

Learning cost is paid by CREDIT (1 credit ~ 1 USD). Your credits will transfer to Teachers/Tutors account automatically every second since the learning call is established to the end.

How can I buy more credits to learn?

You can buy more credits to pay your learning cost by opening My Account screen and touch on “Buy Credits” button and you will see the instructions.

Basically, you can buy more credits via Paypal, which is a famous international payment system. In some specific countries, we also add more  some national payment methods.

How can I enroll to learn with a teacher or a tutor?

On English CallAdvisor, you can learn without enroll by making a call directly to a teacher or tutor. Or you can enroll to learn later by making a learning order with Teacher/Tutor.

How much does a lesson cost?

All teachers or tutors set their own unit price (USD/Hour) and you can see that in their profile. But, you have to pay learning cost for every second. 

What curriculum is used to learn?

Usually, Teacher/Tutor will advise you a curriculum to learn. However, you can suggest what topic you would like to study.
Besides, we have some basic and efficient curriculums and guidelines for reference.

How can I start a learning session?

To start a learning session, make a video call or audio call from teacher/tutor profile or chatting screen.

Of course, you are only able to make a call if the teacher/tutor’s status is FREE, some teachers/tutors require you to book before a lesson session starts.

How long does a lesson session take?

You can learn as long as you like by making a call to a teacher or tutor without any booking schedule.

You can book some time slots to learn later. Time slot duration is often from 20 to 60 minutes which is set up by teachers/tutors.

How should I do if I can not buy credits online?

You can ask for help from your teachers/tutors or our assistants.

What will happen if I am not in time as my booked schedules or I can not connect to teachers/tutors?

Of course, you are not be charged because you only pay the learning cost when your call with teachers/tutors are established.

Why should I book a schedule to learn?

Your teachers/tutors will serve your booked schedule first.

What's happen when I book some time slots to learn with a teacher/tutor?

First, you must have enough credits to book.

Second, after booking, you need waiting approval from your teacher/tutor. Sometimes, your credits will be hold to ensure that you have enough credits to pay for what you booked.