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How to Start Learning With CallAdvisor

To Learn on CallAdvisor, students need to install and sign up CallAdvisor app. 

CallAdvisor on Google Play
CallAdvisor On AppStore

After Installed and Signed up, you can see a list of featured teachers on main screen or you can search to find others, choose and view the teacher’s profile as below picture to make a decision.

Main Screen
Teacher Emily

To start learing with a teacher:

  • Make a video call or audio call to the teacher to learn immediately. OR
  • Book a schedule to learn later.

To book a schedule to learn later:

  • Touch on button <Choose schedule>
  • Select any empty time slot in teacher’s available time. The duration of each time slot is different between teachers but 30 minutes is common.

Create an order of learning schedule with the teacher by selecting empty time slots and touch <Confirm>. One order can have many time slots.

After sending your schedule order, waiting an approval from the teacher. You can also cancel an order if you want.

Note: The credit balance in student’s account should be enough to book a schedule. Please contact our support to get more credits.

Learning Schedule Order tracking:

You can track all your orders created on screen “My Booking” by one of two ways:

  • Main menu -> My Account -> My Bookings
  • On screen Teacher profile -> My Bookings

Furthermore, if you need anything more, don’t hesitate to let us know to help you.